You may not know this, but this Saturday, 20th May, is a Golden Day for the Virulent Master, Kneel Downe, as he celebrates his 50th birthday!

And we're starting the party EARLY because we've just read a wonderful NEW review of the ChapBooks by Romeo Kennedy (READ THE REVIEW HERE). Which inspired us to give you the chance to WIN ALL FOUR Virulent ChapBooks in paperback!

We also have plenty more fun stuff planned for through the week, including FREE KINDLES all weekend (20th & 21st May) of The JackPort Killer and An Owl's Tale.

And remember to pick up your FREE Blurb art, courtesy of Indigo Sketch Unit if you haven't already got it.


ON FACEBOOK, there's a PINNED POST with a #VIRFICRULEZ image on it on the top of the Blurbinfo Facebook page and all you need to do is leave a comment on it to enter.

ON TWITTER, simply RT any of the TWEET TO ENTER #VIRFICRULEZ tweets you see on the @Blurbinfo Twitter Page. That's it, you've entered.

GIVEAWAY SMALL PRINT - The competition will close at 23:23 BST on 19th May 2017 and Kneel will pick just ONE winner from Twitter/Facebook. The winner will need to provide a postal address by PM or DM - US and UK entrants only please. There's only one prize and it can't be swapped for anything else.

Here's some more info about the ChapBooks, all of which reached NUMBER ONE on the UK ChapBook Charts!

The Copper Cascade: A Virulent ChapBook

“The construction of Mental Rehabilitation Facility Alpha now began. Due to the materials used it soon became known as THE COPPER CASCADE.” - VirulentBlurb: Reflections

Are they evil? Or just trying to help? It may be too early to tell...

Dark Deliverance and his band of subversive superheroes are seeking vengeance on a hateful world bathed in endless night. From destroying property in the cyberpunk city to their run-ins with the wolf-splice detective Kurt Lobo, one thing is for sure...

The Copper Cascade mental facility may not be able to hold them!

Containing extracts pulled together from the previously published books of Kneel Downe’s VirulentBlurb Universe, and with a new Foreword by Steve Taylor-Bryant, this is the first in a series of four Virulent ChapBooks which introduces readers to the characters and concepts in Kneel’s writing in a smaller, cheaper, more easy to read way.

Out of Phaze: A Virulent ChapBook

"Lunar splashed. Fragile liquid wings. Spine cracking mornings. Keyboard played and fingers flitting... the upload begins... icon initialization."

So began the first phaze of a fiction experiment by author Kneel Downe.

Now, here are all twelve original "phazes" of Kneel’s vivid, poetic, image-filled writing, telling the story of his post-apocalyptic world - a science fiction dystopia of human/animal genetic splicing, ReGen drugs, DreamCages and DeadBoxes, in a city where nobody has seen the sun for 50 years.

#KillAllPoets: A Virulent ChapBook

“ angry punk in a Victorian world of safe and sentimental verse...”

As noisy and incongruous as the man himself, #KillAllPoets started on Twitter as Kneel Downe’s rebellion against the saccharine torment of establishment poetry writing.

Now it is the title for this collection of his own work, set to shatter the sugar coating and expose poetry’s pulsating black heart.

Pack Mentality: A Virulent ChapBook

Detective Kurt Lobo.

The wolf-spliced detective is probably one of the most popular characters in the VirulentBlurb universe. Harking back to the pulp noir detectives of the 1940’s and 50’s, Detective Lobo is Mike Hammer with hairy hide, a furry Philip Marlowe. He appears, whether as a major or minor player, in every strand and reality of the books of the Blurb and his gruff, cynical humour is now an instantly recognisable voice in the darkness of the City’s neon splashed night.

Pack Mentality is the last of the four-part Virulent ChapBook set and it ventures onto the gritty streets of the City itself, gathering three short stories – one each from Lobo, his younger brother Lyca and a short report from his police partner Officer Geldof – alongside a taste of something yet to come that will have fans howling for more.

Contains strong language and violence. Much like Lobo himself.

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