Free Stuff!

The wonderful people at Indigo Sketch Unit, who did the cover art for the original VirulentBlurb book FRACTURES all those years ago, have given us some new art that you can download for FREE...

You all know the wonderful "butterfly" cover from book 1 of the VirulentBlurb:

The iconic artwork was created by Graham Walsh at the Indigo Sketch Unit. Well, he's been back in touch with some beautiful new additions that we can share with you all.

As well at the square avi image at the top that works on Twitter and Facebook and header images for both Twitter and Facebook (as you will see on our @Blurbinfo pages) we have some wonderful device wallpaper that you can download and use. To save the pictures (on a PC) click on the picture to view it full size then right click and "Save Image As"

NOTE: These images are for personal use only and should not be adapted or sold for commercial use without prior written consent from the creator.

Let us know which one you like best!

Twitter Header

Facebook Header

Book Promo (note this hardback version does not exist as a real book.... yet)

Device Wallpaper

Butterfly Wallpaper

Find Indigo Sketch Unit on Twitter @t_i_s_u and see more on their website at

And buy the original book on Amazon

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