Welcome to Virulent Blurb...

Originally starting life as an experiment to write an ongoing fantasy novel via the medium of Twitter, the Blurb has now mutated into its own website.

Gathered here you will find the previous Tweets in an easier to read format. You will also find artwork inspired by and relating to the stories as well as the covers for all the books, both released and planned.

There is a section for all strands of the universe, from the original tweets to the books they have morphed in to, along with the details of how you can receive updates, follow the author and immerse yourself in Blurb Lore.

VirulentBlurb is an ongoing project. The site will constantly morph and grow as new content is added.

Audio Cascades - Meet the Inmates

Meet the members of the Vengeful Squad through the notes of psychotherapist Doctor Paul Nyman in a new audiodrama Audio Cascades, coming soon...

Audio Cascades: The Copper Cascade Chronicles

The rumours are true - hear those subversive superheroes of the VirulentBlurb universe speak out from 4th July 2017 in a new audiodrama...


You may not know this, but this Saturday, 20th May, is a Golden Day for the Virulent Master, Kneel Downe, as he celebrates his 50th birthday!

And we're starting the party EARLY because we've just read a wonderful NEW review of the ChapBooks by Romeo Kennedy (READ THE REVIEW HERE). Which inspired us to give you the chance to WIN ALL FOUR Virulent ChapBooks in paperback!

We also have plenty more fun stuff planned for through the week, including FREE KINDLES all weekend (20th & 21st May) of The JackPort Killer and An Owl's Tale.

And remember to pick up your FREE Blurb art, courtesy of Indigo Sketch Unit if you haven't already got it.


ON FACEBOOK, there's a PINNED POST with a #VIRFICRULEZ image on it on the top of the Blurbinfo Facebook page and all you need to do is leave a comment on it to enter.

ON TWITTER, simply RT any of the TWEET TO ENTER #VIRFICRULEZ tweets you see on the @Blurbinfo Twitter Page. That's it, you've entered.

GIVEAWAY SMALL PRINT - The competition will close at 23:23 BST on 19th May 2017 and Kneel will pick just ONE winner from Twitter/Facebook. The winner will need to provide a postal address by PM or DM - US and UK entrants only please. There's only one prize and it can't be swapped for anything else.

Here's some more info about the ChapBooks, all of which reached NUMBER ONE on the UK ChapBook Charts!

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