Welcome to Virulent Blurb...

Originally starting life as an experiment to write an ongoing fantasy novel via the medium of Twitter, the Blurb has now mutated into its own website.

Gathered here you will find the previous Tweets in an easier to read format. You will also find artwork inspired by and relating to the stories as well as the covers for all the books, both released and planned.

There is a section for all strands of the universe, from the original tweets to the books they have morphed in to, along with the details of how you can receive updates, follow the author and immerse yourself in Blurb Lore.

VirulentBlurb is an ongoing project. The site will constantly morph and grow as new content is added.

2016 Calendar Now Available

Calendar front

The 2016 VirulentBlurb Calendar is now available... and it may be the last one...

rEvolution SF and the VirulentBlurb: Virellas


“The countdown to FRACTURE DAY has begun...”

rEvolution SF, the new SF imprint from Spectral Press, are proud to present the newest production from Kneel Downe, Galactic Overlord of the VirulentBlurb Universe...

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