COMPETITION - Kneel Downe's Stolen Indie Anthology

You'll have heard all about Kneel's newest book, SPORADIC TOO. So how do you want to be a part of his next one?  Find out how to be involved with Kneel Downe's Stolen Indie...

Well he hasn't really STOLEN it because he's not a thief. No this is a book title. It's the moniker that will adorn an anthology cover. Could it be your poem or story in there? Could it be your art on the cover? Kneel has decided he wants to give back more in 2016. He wants to help charity with the sale of this book. He wants to help writers and artists by providing a platform for them to get noticed if they are new to the game, and a challenge if they are seasoned pros, and what better way than by publishing them himself? So to the nitty gritty...

The book has a theme (yes, you guessed it): Stolen.

All styles of writing are welcome be it prose, poetry or more in keeping with Kneel's own Twitter style of writing, whatever you want. It just has to follow the theme and be no more than 1000 words but it HAS to be your own original idea - no fan fic please, it's not a VirulentBlurb book! All stories may be eventually published here on the website but a panel of judges, people loved and respected by Kneel, will pick their favourites which will make up the published book. Those writers chosen to be in the anthology will receive an ebook of the final publication as congratulations.

Alongside supporting the writers amongst you, Kneel wants to see what the arty types can come up with. So, arty types, go design us a book cover for Stolen Indie! Again it can be in whatever style you want as long as it is inkeeping with the theme and it's an original idea, no fan art. All art will again be published on the website and will be judged by Steve Taylor-Bryant from the Garbage-File site and the Blurb's artist in residence Susan Omand with the winner becoming the book's cover and receiving a print of their design as it will appear on the book and an ebook.

The closing date for submissions is Wednesday 23rd March 2016 and all entries should be emailed to Blurb Towers here at You can read a lot more about what we're looking for and see all the submission guidelines and prizes on the COMPETITION page.

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