Lunar splashed. Fragile liquid wings. Spine cracking mornings. Keyboard played and fingers flitting...the upload begins..icon initialization

Side street smouldering. Plastic flesh bubbled. Mission incomplete. Agent Purple phazed distractions. Incoming downloaded. Reboot..

Leather lost and torn. Sally. Cornered and dripping feline. Mixbox punching. Codes ignite. Frequency folding. Revolution rears resolutions..

Violet Suicides Mod shop. Strip lit. Living ink and splicing of genes. Goodies galore. Danny lusts magpie. Fuzzy phone updates.

Thrice spliced and glorious. Peacock Raven Owl. Goddess of genomics. Feathered hair flapping. Violet works dancing ink into willing flesh.

Sewer bound. Gator boys and rodent children. Silent slinking. Rancid rutting. Rarely kissed by lunar lips...the silent monstrosity..

Past Ellis towers. Across Noon plaza. Sporadic wireless spores flowing portward. Released secrets on Jerusalem way. Seeking connection love.

Sterile yawning a pure pale human. Dead breed. Systemic failure. Auto pilot immune. Face pressed to flexi glass. Always the dust. Falling.

50 years forgotten: the last missile fell. Megatonic and slime. Horizons halved. Weapon unknown - the enemy stole our sun and left us dust

Atmospheric arousal. Cunylisting clouds make moisture. Globules. Dust kissed water. Mud falls screaming. Scattergun skylights. Mourning rain

Steely rain stabs down. He turns up clammy collar - cutting off icy slicked-down hair ooze. Wolf eyes survey luminous dark

Darker things. Pineal chunks in syrup. Bio mechanic securityshades. Spider scuttled sidestreets searching. Transmission source located. Run.

Terminals screaming. He seals the door. Old school shotgun. Window indication. "Go". "Papa,no!" Lingers. "I'll hold them." Wings take flight

Doorway dancing. Danny hides. Sound of shades. 8 legged terror. Vestigal faces. Seen and scanned. Passing by. Pocket paper falls on mud.

TATTOO CARE: living ink will tune to biodreams and desires in 24 clicks.Physical emotional trauma in first 12 hours may fuse empathic cells.

Door splintered. Shotgun shattered. Arachnid frenzy. Silent walls scream blood. Bone house broken they scan. Target fled. Updates received.

Sheltered now Lyca watches. Feral eyes. Wisdom wolf. 2 clients. 2 paydays. Notes In mud spattered time. Eyes private but always for sale.
Rooftop racing. Gliding tween airials and windsocks. Mud drenched butterfly girl. Ears echo palpable demise. Singleshot death. Sanctuary?

Transformation in progress. Transformation complete. Silent silicon shards. Yesterday's imprint. New players. Chessboard heaving. Game on..

PHAZE ONE COMPLETE...phaze two imminent. (Buffering) Replace earjack and await instructions..saline Vaz may now be applied...


"Non ingestion of ReGen is not illegal but the state will not cover medical repair. ReGen protects from the Foul.Take your pill. Live long."

Invasive shots. The old woman in room 23 has killed herself again. 4th time this month. Pointless pain coating. Shaken awake AJ yawns..

Scene through plexi. Dust filtered. Mizzly mud. Moon shards. Falling figure. Butterfly wings. Down by the dead halls. AJ scrapes sleep. Runs

Backwards now. Broken rooms. 8 eyed scanning. Terminal trashed. Bleached blogs. Burn and flee policy. Genetic whispers retrieved. Location?

Dead halls. Home of the machine. Corpse creation. Essence extraction. Transmortication. Art from grief. Sculptured sadness. Beauty freeforms

Walk with me. Aluminum aisles. Memories in bone metal and glass. Art divine. Shapes and solid sound. Glass globe shot with pink. Name-Polly.

Helen tends the machine. Bloodline bound. Forgotten technology. Magnificent machine. Ceilingward he squats. Such sadness in tubes and wire..

NOTICE: deceased must be placed in tubes provided. Essence extraction takes 2 clicks. The machine will not allow objects to be removed. 24/7

Passing market street AJ glances. Chromosome sheens. Glass canary songs. Jackports old and new. Orgasms sealed in amber. Frying Gar. Aromas

Silver shimmer skins. Chronos adjusters. Void manipulators. Soft shade speakers. Sacrament dream spheres. Noonian head shunts..not today.Run

Paul popped a Hendrix (only half). The haze is purple. Tactile. Morning meandering round watchtowers and angry traffic. Familiar face. AJ?

Chapel of the visiting lord. Deep almond eyes. Caressing careless congregation. Lord of the newest church. Friends embrace. Traces sparking.

"ReGen shunts are now illegal. For pre-birth Shunt insurance claims see form SAY438. Only use medically endorsed ReGen pills. Live long."

Paul percieves AJ. Purple spitting face flare. Golden speech traces. Confusion. Urgency. Faling girl? Butterfly agent? Cohorts. United..

Lyca surveys slaughter. Spidershades gone. Twitching limbs. Dancing digits. ReGen's curse. Wolf tongue lapping. Taste. Scent noted. Hunting.

Far away. Razor blade shroud. Needle kissed mask. So much torture for just one name. Dripping defiance. The revolt remains. Spider hands..

Grinding gears. Building screens unfurl. Projected memories. Disc bound. Sol. Father. Daytime begins for city dwellers. Dayslight beams.

Beautifully broken butterfly. Blood bubbles. Cosmetic wings not fit for flight. Gasping. No ReGen here. Pure protester. Fading secrets

Plants still grow. Lunar leaves. Sensual secret succulents. Blooms of darkness. Vivid violets for darkened minds. Nature remains. Defiant

Pagan love songs greeting digital dawn. Friends seeking fallen rebel. A face from vidscreen revolutions. An insecticide ideology. Hurry..

Strands colliding. Others unfurl. Urban gorillas building bombs. Spiders in hungry subways. Wilful wolf watching. Machine sleeping deep..

Running now. Past vapour park. 2 years missing. Forceful bubble remains. Inky void. Flies go bouncing. Quantum kidnapped? The world. Broken.

Shawls woven from kittens breath. Old woman's dream cage. Wares scattered. Market disarmed. Spidershades racing. Target close. Drool. Needy.

Stained glass squinting through iron doors. Helen heaves. Young girl gasping. Wilting wings. Machine groaning in sleep. Leave the hall? Fear

Raptors raping rainstorm mornings. Spidershades slicing secrets. The Chase is peaking. Butterfly bodies and lovelorn friends. Rebel death?

Across the city. In jackports and vidboxes. In flat screens and audio streams. Secreted in circuits. Waiting for release. Symbiotic secrets

Helen hesitates. Agnostic agrophobia aching. Outside? Broken. Cold girl. Weeping wings. She knows what must be done. Lifting lifelessness..

Sidewalk skidding. AJ and Paul. Dust drenched. Too late. Skinny girl forcing tube acceptance. Grasping trailing hand. Butterfly fist stains

Paul perceives pain. AJ roaring regrets. Doors slamming. Alone. Tube greedy lust. Machine awakens. Fusion kicks. Close the scuttling shades.

Danny's design dances. Inky intelligent. Message meme. Careless clues. Lyca dials digits, grinning. AJ's hands, gene splashed. Guilty trace.

Curb cascading the shades arrive. Description drooling. Generic gene targets realised. Two males. Aquire. Apprehend. Razor arms eager. Cuts.

INFO STREAM INVALID...DISC CORROSION...STAY PLUGGED FOR PHAZE 3...dreamcream is available..apply to infected area...



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