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The Bookworm Podcast

Kneel was interviewed by The Bookworm podcast on FAB Radio International (Starburst Magazine!) on the release of The JackPort Killer. Have a listen below and hear the man himself speak! (interview starts 25 minutes in but the whole podcat is worth a listen):

The BookWorm - Kneel Downe, School of Good and Evil, Heirs of the Demon King Uprising by The Book Worm on Mixcloud

Vurt by Jeff Noon

"Kneel is 100 percent an individual. His work is unique, and his attitude to life moves through the sentences like a spirit, guiding and creating his vision, in both form and content" - Jeff Noon


"When I start a new book, especially with a new author I have three sub conscious tests.
First is the opening line - does it engage and make me want to read more ?
Second is the first paragraph - like the first but just more words.
Lastly "The Hook" - does it have that important line that hooks you by the balls and throws you off a one thousand foot cliff into an adventure of words that you cannot ( or should not ) be able to predict.
Sadly few books do that these days. [READ MORE]

"Years of abuse, overuse and misuse had consigned all the words to a nether world of barren darkness, unable to form sentient strings or meaningful phrases. It was a terrifying place of grey mist, where no idea could survive...." [READ MORE]


STARBURST MAGAZINE are one of the VirulentBlurb's biggest supporters. So it was great that they covered the run up to the launch of The JackPort Killer by running the trailer made for it by Blurb artist Susan Omand on their website. [READ MORE]

And even better when they got behind the campaign to fund the JackPort Killer Audiobook and reviewed the final product as 10/10 [READ MORE]

When it was announced that Kneel was being signed up by Spectral Press they were also one of the first to feature the press release. [READ MORE]

And the book Reviews

An Owl's Tale (FairyBlurbs) - 10/10 [READ MORE]
Sporadic - 10/10 [READ MORE]
The JackPort Killer - 9/10 [READ MORE]
VirulentBlurb:Reflections - 8/10 [READ MORE]
Amelia's Song - 8/10 [READ MORE]
VirulentBlurb: Fractures - 8/10 [READ MORE]

Some of the reviews of Kneel's work were also included in the print editions of the magazine, a rarity for self published authors. These can be found in issues 396 (pg82) and 405 (pg83) and the audiobook review is in issue 409 (pg 92).

Gallifreyan Gazette

Our friends in the United States of America have also become fans of the books. The Gallifreyan Gazette articles

Sporadic - Grade A minus [READ MORE]
The JackPort Killer - Grade A plus [READ MORE]
VirulentBlurb:Reflections - Grade A minus [READ MORE]
Amelia's Song - Grade A minus [READ MORE]
VirulentBlurb:Fractures - Grade A minus [READ MORE]


The JackPort Killer Audiobook - 8/10 [READ MORE]

Self Publisher's Showcase

You can find Kneel's own page, book info, reviews and interviews on the Self Publisher's Showcase HERE

Kneel Downe's work, both on Twitter and in print is given extensive mention in this article on Twitter and Fiction by Brian Baker which also highlights the work of James Knight, the Bad Bad Poet and a good friend of Kneel. [READ MORE]

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