"There are still rumours of his long exile into the Wastelands.....
Or of a total BodyWipe...
But all we know is....we miss the guy...."


The PHAZELORDS are the most popular band in the Virulent Blurb Universe. Consisting of...

SPIKEZ - Keyboards and MusicGlobe
ZEN - Lead Guitar
INDIGO - King of the Purple Skull Drums
RAMPAGE - Rhythm Guitar
BROTHER BASS - Bass Guitar

and their much missed singer (and occasional acoustic guitarist) - JOHNNY PHAZE

Johnny has been missing for 5 years, maybe exiled, maybe the recipient of a total BodyWipe, but under the managment of Ex-Pleasure Droid AliceONE the band continue, with new albums, tours, and merchandise. Detective Kurt Lobo has looked for Johnny, and now Roach Monroe is embarking on the quest.

The band can be found on Twitter @PHAZELORDS and their story starts in SPORADIC TOO...


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