"Flame-Haired Child of the Universe"

Flame-haired and violet-eyed, Amelia appears in every strand of the VirulentBlurb universe, affecting every story. All-knowing and ever-wise, she...THEY....are never quite what you expect.

Amelia's Song is the first in a trilogy of books featuring Amelia as the main character. Set in a fantasy world of Chaos Lords and Dragons, Amelia's Song sees her journey through this vast land, meeting old friends and encountering new ones in her quest to stop the invasion of the Knights of Hell.

Originally written on Kneel Downe's own Twitter timeline (@KneelDowne), the book is faithful to the layout of the original Tweets, where the spacing often means as much as the writing itself. The poetic, often brutal, image-filled story is enhanced by the black and white drawings of Blurb Artist Susan M Omand (@OmandOriginal), who also designed the cover.

Amelia's Song is available in Paperback from LULU

The next book is called Amelia's Dance and is currently being written on Twitter.

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Amelia's Song is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle

Amelia's Song

...And as they landed...strode, there did, from the shadows a gigantic figure.
Helmet horned. Obsidian armoured.
The first one.

Lord Quantum..

Eight pathed seal upon his chest.
And at his waist hung the Once and Forever Sword.


Amelia heard its hum and shivered..

The last time Amelia saw this blade she had been whole...

Now she was splinters three.

She bowed her head.

"Greetings my Lord."


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