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In March we asked for entries to a charity anthology where the theme was STOLEN. Kneel Downe's Stolen Indie Anthology is now out but we wanted to share some of the entries here on the website too. Here's This Old Heart of Mine by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal...

This old heart of mine no longer beats
down the doldrums, nor turns humdrum
bright as gold, as it did in my prime;

and nightly, in dreams high in my vessel
of wanting delight, it’s strangers acting
out my desires! Imagine that! Intruders

stealing my thunder in the quest for
hot sex: Moist bodies embrace, legs, twixt
& twain, heighten each twist & turn

of a lusty mind. And this morning I wake
far from alright, vowing to lotion my loins
daily, perfume my skin and, if my old man

again says, Not tonight, I’ll write this
craft of mine, shove it in his face, and ride
out the current into the sunset

with as much grace as I can muster.

RUTH SABATH ROSENTHAL is a New York poet, well published in the U.S., and internationally. Her poem “on yet another birthday” was nominated for a Pushcart prize. Ruth has authored five books of poetry: “Facing Home” (a chapbook) -- “Facing Home and beyond” -- “little, but by no means small” -- “Food: Nature vs Nurture” and “Gone, but Not Easily Forgotten” — all available from Amazon.

Please feel free to visit Ruth’s websites: and

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