Anthology - Stolen

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In March we asked for entries to a charity anthology where the theme was STOLEN. Kneel Downe's Stolen Indie Anthology will be published on 20th May but we wanted to share some of the entries here on the website too, whether or not they made it into the new book. Here's Stolen by Denise Sutton...

I'm not sure if it was ever mine, that thing that was stolen,
It's been passed from hand to hand, stuffed carelessly into old carrier bags,
Sometimes I gave it away, didn't want it anymore,
But then I missed it so, ultimately rejected and stained,
I welcomed it home again.

So was it ever mine, the thing stolen once again?
Who would want to own such a useless thing, tarnished with age,
Wasn't raised to hold anything sacred so,
It was already damaged goods before it left my hands,
Returned with disgust.

The stolen thing was mine, the larceny was grand,
With it vanished power and respect too,
Things I never even knew I owned,
Hiding within my useless, haggard soul.

Find Denise Sutton on Twitter @cupoftea69

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