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In March we asked for entries to a charity anthology where the theme was STOLEN. Kneel Downe's Stolen Indie Anthology will be published on 20th May but we wanted to share some of the entries here on the website too, whether or not they made it into the new book. Here's Betrayed Again by AJ Huffman...

I no longer desire
to be of flesh.
I prefer something else.
Something unconfined.
I want to step outside of myself.
And into more
that just your borrowed shell.
All ready and all hollow.
I know that setting well enough.
I demand to step higher.
Beyond wings and water.
I want to feel the air.
Burning behind me.
But how can I reach this?
When bliss can be bought
and stolen.
By the solemn demands
of your kiss.

A.J. Huffman has published twelve full-length poetry collections, thirteen solo poetry chapbooks and one joint poetry chapbook through various small presses. Her most recent releases, Degeneration (Pink Girl Ink), A Bizarre Burning of Bees (Transcendent Zero Press), and Familiar Illusions (Flutter Press) are now available from their respective publishers. She is a five-time Pushcart Prize nominee, a two-time Best of Net nominee, and has published over 2500 poems in various national and international journals, including Labletter, The James Dickey Review, The Bookends Review, Bone Orchard, Corvus Review, EgoPHobia, and Kritya. She is also the founding editor of Kind of a Hurricane Press.

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