Kneel Downe's Stolen Indie Anthology Book Cover Winner

Stolen Indie

Voila! By a unanimous decision of the judges here is the cover that will grace the front of Kneel Downe's Stolen Indie Anthology...

You may remember way back in March we asked for submissions to an Anthology for charity that had the theme of Stolen. Well, we weren't just looking for written entries as we wanted a cover design for it too. Having sifted through the myriad of entries we received, the judges all agreed that this one by Trev Bartlett stood out among the rest. We think you'll agree it's eye catching and rebelliously punkish, much like Kneel himself in fact.

Not content with just announcing the cover, the final decisions have also been made on the fifteen stories/poems that will be included in the Anthology.  In no particular order (and the order may be different in the book) we have:

Karma Gang - Adam Wimbush
The Rort - Tarquin Carlin
Seeing Red - Ruth Sabath Rosenthal
With Fire - A.J. Huffman
We Should Have Met - Denise Sutton
No Fuckin' Losing: NFL - C. Z. Heyward
Mother's Reiver - Ian Foulger
Is There a Sunrise? - Steve Taylor-Bryant
Deviant, Suggestible, Creative - Neil Vogler
Sauce Code - Marc Nash
Notifications - Chris Limb
The Bruises Don't Show, My Sweet - Stephen McQuiggan
Midnight Thief - Adam Levon Brown
Yokai Girl - Lacie Grayson
A Found Elegy/To Do Lists from My 98 Year Old Mother the Month Before She Died - Nancy L Meyer

All these and several more that didn't quite make it into the book itself will appear here on the website in due course and Kneel Downe's Stolen Anthology will be published on 20th May with all profits going to the children's cancer charity

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