Today is full of sadness. 

Unfortunately the VirulentBlurb and Kneel will no longer be working together on new releases with Spectral Press. Spectral Press and its founder Simon Marshall-Jones have fallen upon some difficult times and we can only thank them for the opportunity they gave VirulentBlurb and wish Simon well as he aims to recover his health.

There are still great things to be published from the VirulentBlurb universe but obviously the team are now having to take time to come up with best way to go forward in this new situation so we ask for patience whilst we get busy in the background.

Anyone who pre-ordered Virellas through Spectral Press is advised to contact in regard to their financial contribution. It's unfortunate that Kneel and the VirulentBlurb team have no control in this area, no influence over communications with Spectral Press and has no way to refund or advise on any money spent with Spectral Press but hope any fans affected will show both the compassion and patience required which we are pretty certain you all you will.

The VirulentBlurb will be back soon with some exciting announcements in the very near future. In the meantime join The Infected to find out about our plans for BlurbDay (30th January) before anyone else does.

Love to all X

For anyone interested - here is the link to the official statement on Facebook from Spectral Press -

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