On the rocky shores of NeverKnown.
A rusted steel forgotten bone.
A memory of a life long spent.
A clue to where the elders went...

Their backs were turned on blood and flesh.
They longed for metal wires and mesh.
The Sages said that all must die.
Praying to a burning sky

Neath screaming Sun and broken Moon.
The fractured song of AutoTune.
An Ancient wisdom now disgraced.
The body parts were all replaced.

Oil pumped instead of blood.
Logic superseded good.
Function came to fill the whole.
A crystal orb to hold the soul.

The ages passed.
The skies grew calm.
Our metal Elders safe from harm.
Calculating every cost.
Unaware of that they lost.

Children built in sterile sheds.
Ornate limbs and sculptured heads.
An empire now to rule the earth.
They wondered at the future's worth.

But if nothing dies then nothing lives.
Nothing breaks and nothing gives.
Without pain then nothing screams.
Nothing hopes.
Nothing dreams

Nothing loves and nothing hates.
Nothing to investigate.
No need to move, to talk to think.
No need to laugh nor eat nor drink.

Time was just an endless road.
The only choice was sweet corrode.
Covered now in drifting dust.
The empire of forgotten Rust.

On the rocky shores of NeverKnown.
A rusted steel forgotten bone.
A warning or a family tree?
I give the bone back to the sea....

Words by Kneel Downe August 2015

Music Clip - Amorous Cello by Rick Dickert provided by

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