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There's a really good deal on at Spokenworld just now, so Steve Taylor-Bryant wanted to remind you why you should use the discount to buy The JackPort Killer...

"The JackPort Killer is the first in a series of Detective Kurt Lobo's case files. Those who have followed Kneel's work from the beginning already know Lobo, for those new to character he is a Wolf-Spliced Detective who has seen such despair and debauchery. The JackPort Killer story takes place 12 months before the events in VirulentBlurb: Fractures and starts as a personal narrative, a voice over if you will. After our successful Indiegogo campaign #FILLtheVOID, we now know what that voice sounds like, thanks to the recording wizardry of Spokenworld Audio and the vocal talents of Greg Patmore.  But back to the story...

A young deer-splice is killed and left ritually displayed, a message daubed in blood on her fur for Detective Kurt Lobo. This particular serial killer has a personal interest in Lobo and we are off into Kneel's broken neon city on the hunt.

Kneel keeps Lobo and his associates at the forefront as you would want from a Lobo book but manages to include classic characters along the journey, which not only makes for an exciting narrative but ties the Universe together nicely. Dark Deliverance, Pluto Boy et al make a welcome appearance from the Copper Cascade Asylum and one particular scene between Dark and Lobo has a "Silence of the Lambs ramped up to 11" feel about it.

Who is Lobo's neighbour Emily? What exactly were Lobo's coma dreams about? All questions for you to find an answer to.  Kneel keeps his cultural references and exquisite naming of items fresh and the likes of Noonian Spheres, DeadBoxes, VizShades etc are all becoming a second language to me now.

Towards the end and the violent confrontation with The JackPort Killer we are treated to Lyca, Lobo's brother, and The Bad Poet, a nemesis for another time surely, but of great help to Lobo in this case file.

The expectation level amongst Kneel's growing army of fans was high for a Lobo solo outing and Kneel delivers. This is a 1930's noir detective tale told against a Blade Runner backdrop, this is essential crime storytelling mixed with dark and clever science fiction. This is the bar set high!"

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