A word from our Crowdfunding Campaign Manager Steve

Got any Alms for an ex-leper?

We aren't quite at the stage where a God-given hero has come down and saved us yet. With only a few days left I have to say that you lot have been beautiful! But we are struggling now. Time is running out and we aren't even at 50% yet funded yet.

I am not beyond begging, so picture me in my loin cloth hopping about with my cup out as you walk past ...

I need you to dig deeper and see if you can spare us some more change, maybe put that spare kidney on a quick 'Buy It Now' 24 hour EBay sale? Hassle your family members to contribute? If they don’t, sell them on EBay? Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, G+ our plight and beg your friends?

Our friends at www.thecultden.com have offered to post sci-fi and horror books out to the next five people that pledge £10 so as well as the pledge materials they/you purchase you'll also get some free stuff!

Please, PLEASE, help us? Come on Obi-Crowd Fundobi you’re our only hope!

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